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Enabling of "Developer mode" to allow symlinks without elevation.
author Oleksandr Gavenko <>
date Sun, 15 Nov 2020 15:24:16 +0200
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@echo off

REM Written by Oleksandr Gavenko <>, 2008, 2015.
REM File placed by author in public domain.

REM View files in emacs buffer using emacsclientw.
REM If emacs not already running, run it.
REM Put this file (e.bat) in your PATH.
REM Name `e' because `edit'. `ew' wait to `C-x #'. `ec' create new frame.

REM If path to file contain spaces it must be inclosed into quotes.

for %%X in (emacsclient-w32.exe) do (set FOUND=%%~$PATH:X)
if defined FOUND (
  rem Cygwin Emacs-w32.
  set EMACSCLIENT=run.exe --quote emacsclient-w32
) else (
  rem Native Emacs.
  set RUNEMACSARG=-a runemacs
  set EMACSCLIENT=emacsclientw

if x%1 == x-h     goto usage
if x%1 == x-help  goto usage
if x%1 == x--help goto usage

if %~n0 == e goto cmd_e
if %~n0 == ew goto cmd_ew
if %~n0 == ec goto cmd_ec
if %~n0 == et goto cmd_et

echo Unknown command flavor: %~n0, use one of e/ew/ec/et.
exit 1

set args=-n
goto invoke
set args=
goto invoke
set args=-c
goto invoke
set args=-t
goto invoke

if x%1 == x (
) else (
goto :eof

@echo Shortcut for %EMACSCLIENT% for busy people.
@echo Usage:
@echo   e [-h^|--help] file...
goto :eof