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Use wrapped text selection. Re-wrap text on resize operations. Enables Ctrl+Shift+C/V style copy/paste. I want for paste to insert text literary!
author Oleksandr Gavenko <>
date Sat, 14 Nov 2020 20:09:37 +0200
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files win/reg/conhost.reg
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--- a/win/reg/conhost.reg	Sat Nov 14 19:26:05 2020 +0200
+++ b/win/reg/conhost.reg	Sat Nov 14 20:09:37 2020 +0200
@@ -2,14 +2,37 @@
+; Because settings from .lnk have precedence over registry key - lauch cmd/wsl with Win+R
+; for default to take place!
+; 1 - enable improved conhost features.
+; Use wrapped text selection.
+; Re-wrap text on resize operations.
 ; Enable/disable (0x1/0x0) selection coloring.
-; Allow copy and paste from the command line.
+; 1 - activate "Insert mode", opposite of "Override mode".
+; Allow selection by mouse & copy/paste by mouse right click.
+; Enables Ctrl+Shift+C/V style copy/paste.
+; Whether to replace characters on paste (e.g. Word “smart quotes” are replaced with regular quotes).
+; I want for paste to insert text literary, so disabled "feature" (0)!
 ; 0 black
 ; 1 blue
 ; 2 green
@@ -50,10 +73,29 @@
 ; 0x28 X 0xa0 = 40x160.
-; Enables Ctrl+Shift+C/V style copy/paste.
 ; Opacity of the window (valid range: 0x4D-0xFF)
+; Setting from:
+; that I'm not going to alter:
+; FontSize	Coordinate (REG_DWORD)	Size of font in pixels
+; FontFamily	REG_DWORD	GDI Font family
+; ScreenBufferSize	Coordinate (REG_DWORD)	Size of the screen buffer in WxH characters
+; CursorSize	REG_DWORD	Cursor height as percentage of a single character
+; WindowPosition	Coordinate (REG_DWORD)	Initial position of the window in WxH pixels (if not set, use auto-positioning)
+; PopupColors	REG_DWORD	FG and BG colors used when displaying a popup window (e.g. when F2 is pressed in CMD.exe)
+; FaceName	REG_SZ	Name of font to use (or “__DefaultTTFont__”, which defaults to whichever font is deemed most appropriate for your codepage)
+; FontWeight	REG_DWORD	GDI font weight
+; HistoryBufferSize	REG_DWORD	Number of history entries to retain
+; NumberOfHistoryBuffers	REG_DWORD	Number of history buffers to retain
+; HistoryNoDup	REG_DWORD	Whether to retain duplicate history entries or not
+; ExtendedEditKey	REG_DWORD	Whether to allow the use of extended edit keys or not
+; WordDelimiters	REG_SZ	A list of characters that are considered as delimiting words (e.g. `’ .-/\=|,()[]{}’`)
+; TrimLeadingZeros	REG_DWORD	Whether to remove zeroes from the beginning of a selected string on copy (e.g. `00000001` becomes `1`)
+; EnableColorSelection	REG_DWORD	Whether to allow selection colorization or not
+; ScrollScale	REG_DWORD	How many lines to scroll when using `SHIFT|Scroll Wheel`
+; CodePage	REG_DWORD	The default codepage to use
+; CtrlKeyShortcutsDisabled	REG_DWORD	Disables new control key shortcuts
+; AllowAltF4Close	REG_DWORD	Allows the user to disable the Alt-F4 hotkey
+; VirtualTerminalLevel	REG_DWORD	The level of VT support provided by the Windows Console Host