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Updated list of Cygwin options for CYGWIN env var.
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 Cygwin behavior can be altered via ``CYGWIN`` env var::
-  set CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning noglob
+  set CYGWIN=noglob wincmdln
+* ``noglob`` disable reinterpreting positional arguments native Windows application as if they
+  contain shell wildcards. With ``glob`` running ``ls *`` from ``cmd`` works as if it is run from
+  Unix shell.
-Currently only ``noglob`` is useful. It disables interpreting special shell wildcard characters
-passed verbatim from native Windows apps. So you will unable to do ``ls *`` from ``cmd.exe``. But
-without this option (``glob`` is default) Mercurial patterns, like ``{rev}`` are broken. For me
-native Windows Emacs can't determine file revision with my ``hg`` wrapper.
+  When I used native Emacs & Cygwin wrapper for ``hg`` default option ``glob`` broke Emacs VC mode
+  because Emacs is using ``{rev}`` as one of the arguments and it was replaced by empty string when
+  ``glob`` is active.
+  ``noglob`` enshures that there are no any magical replacement.
+* ``wincmdln`` helps during process invocation troubleshooting. Cygwin maintains own structures for
+  program positional arguments so argument list is invisible to Windows programs like Process
+  Monitor. The option ``wincmdln`` tells Cygwin program to copy internal structure for arguments to
+  Windows managed structure making arguments visible.
   The ``CYGWIN`` environment variable. Available options.